Friday, August 9, 2013

10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss

1. Don't feel the need to rush into any diet right away. Take your time, read up on health, nutrition, or follow blogs of people working towards similar goals. Gather up all the information you need and begin with an educated decision.
   I followed a weight loss blog for nearly 6 months, passively taking in posts. It prepared me for when I was ready to be actively interested in a healthier life style. I also talked with my Aunts about the various different types of diets they had done or heard about, to weigh my options about which path I wanted to take.

2. Share your decision with loved ones, coworkers, and even complete strangers! ;) We are more likely to stick to our guns if everybody knows what's going on!
   I told Steven that I wanted to lose weight, which meant changing the way we ate. He went along with me, believing that it would be like all other times where I gave up after a few short months. And that was okay, because it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks will happen.

3.  Remember that you will have good days and bad. Every day, every meal is a new chance to start over again. Just because you eat too much for lunch, doesn't mean you have to go crazy through out the day. It's easy to think, well I've already messed up, might as well eat whatever I want all day -but it doesn't have to be like that. Look at the end of each meal as a closed book. Every meal is a new book to be written.

4. Get familiar with your kitchen! They say that losing weight is 20% gym and 80% kitchen. Research blogs, google search healthy swaps for your favorite recipes, or ask friends for healthy recipe suggestions (facebook!). Write down the meals you enjoy, forget the ones you don't.
   I've made some fantastically delicious healthy recipes, and some not so delicious. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

5. If you are hungry, EAT. Starving yourself will only lead to unhealthy decisions later on. Your body needs fuel to run!

6. Exercise. It's okay if you can only walk around the block in the beginning. Try to do a little more each day, whether it be one more step or one more lap around the block.
   I waited a bit after changing my eating habits to join the gym. Some mornings I would only stay for 30 minutes, because that's all I could do! As time goes by it gets easier and easier.

7. Replace trigger foods with like foods. (Sweet, salty, crunchy, etc) For example if you love potato chips and can't control your consumption replace it with a healthier similar food such as kale chips, baked spicy chick peas, air popped pop corn.. Replace ice cream with an all fruit smoothie etc.

8. If what you're doing isn't working for you change it! Always be open to new things.
    I started out the year doing weight watchers. I've joined and quit weight watchers 6 times in the past five years. Three months in to this journey I felt like I wasn't learning enough. I wanted to know my calories, carbs, salt sugar etc. I didn't like the WW points system, so I unsubscribed from weight watchers and joined myfitnesspal. It's what works for me! You might have to try a few things before figuring out what works.

9. If you are struggling don't turn to food. Talk to a friend, start a blog, exercise, watch a happy movie, or whatever it is that will help you get through the struggles. Think about how far you've come and all the places you will go.

10. Love yourself. It's hard, I know! Start every day thinking one nice thing. A simple 'I can do this today' goes much further than negative words will ever go.

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