Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Work hard in the gym, work even harder in the kitchen."

This is so important! I would hate to leave my blood, sweat, and tears on that gym floor, only to come home and eat it all away. I wasn't much on cooking, and when I lost weight before I did it by eating smart one's frozen dinners for every meal. We all see where that got me -rolly polly. Sure I was always smiling, but I couldn't breath at night, sitting in booths was uncomfortable, and forget mentioning the dressing room at any clothing boutique!

Turning cooking into a challenge, makes it more fun though! Challenging myself to find healthy substitutes for favorite recipes, doing research online, and coming up with new creations (Steven is sometimes frightened by my food creations!) This week I wanted to get ride of a can of low-fat re-fried beans. I did some serious research and found a healthy taco dip that would utilize the can of beans! 

Instead of feeling limited, it feels like there are infinite options out there! Working hard in the kitchen has been a key part in my success thus far!

Ps...if you have any recipes you want to share! I'm always looking for something new to try!

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